True Verification & 100% Authentic Companions

Here at Alyssa Marie & Me we offer you a true and authentic verification of our companions. I am personally making my rounds to not only meet the companions listed on our website but to take some time to get to know them as well.

We are not an agency, though, we do plan to form a co-operative of companions, A Sisterhood of Flying Yoga Pants, if you will!

If and when I have met with one of our listed companions, I will proceed to provide her with a '100% Authentic' badge.

Why fight with fake ads? Why not just use our social media platform to reach out to your chosen companion herself? Why solely rely on reviews that are mostly opinions in a forum, when you could go directly to the source, knowing she's been personally verified as 100% Authentic?!

One day at a time, our community seems to have taken on a life of its own and is growing daily, with companions and suitors alike!

Id like to take this time to thank you guys that are reaching out to express your gratitude in personal messages to me! I love receiving your positive feedback. It may be encouraging to companions sitting on the fence, to see your feedback. Perhaps you wouldn't mind leaving a comment in our feedback forum.

A very special thank you to those of you who have been with us from the get go! If it wasn't for you I may not have taken things past the point of no return.

Alyssa Marie & Me is making traction and here to stay!

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