Earn Reference Badges

Some of you may have noticed that youve been badged.

You earn badges in few ways.

For the Suitors:

  1. Youve spent enough time communicating with one of our ladies that youve made her hit list. If youve been badged with a 'Wants Me' badge Im sure youve earned it and the assigning companion has declared you doable and wanted.

  2. Once youve booked and spent time with one of our companions, they will let us know if she considered her time with you enjoyable. If she would like to see you again and is willing to provide you with a positive reference for other companions, she will assign you a 'Loves Me' badge. No more need for those awkward conversations with your favorite companion. The badge says it all.

For the Companions

  1. By becoming a bookable companion. On our members chat directory you will find our bookable companions simply by seeking the 'Bookable Companion' badge. If shes bookable you know shes approachable, go ahead and make your move.

  2. By becoming verified as 100% Authentic. Once you have sat down in person, on your own turf, with one of our representatives, we can, will and do call you 100% Authentic. Theres a badge for it! LOL

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