Black Mailing Our Companions??? Really?!

We have a couple of gentleman in Nanaimo that have attempted to blackmail our companions recently and I want to take a moment to address this issue, as some of you seem to feel this is normal and acceptable practice. IT IS NOT!

Here at Alyssa Marie & Me, our companions are priority and their word will be heard and validated. We do not approve of threatening ladies in any environment but most certainly not ours. If you have been accused of threatening or doing any of our companions a disservice, you will be blocked from our site, blacklisted by all of our companions and you will be listed as a bad experience on our bad experiences list that is available for all companions to view.

We have taken the time and energy to assure you that our companions are both authentic and reputable ladies. We have made a promise to our companions that they come first and that harassment will be tolerated in no way, shape or form.

If you are a local companion and would like access to our Bad Experiences group, please just send me a private message and I will happily add you to the group.

James and Harpreet. Im talking about you! Shameful behavior!

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