Alyssa Marie & Me ~ The Ultimate Platform for Professional Companionship

I believe we have brought you the ultimate platform for professional companionship.

You do not need to sign up as a site member to book with our companions. You require a working email (creating a secondary is recommended) and you need to answer a few questions for screening purposes. If you choose to provide fake contact information our companions cannot contact you to confirm your request.

All scheduling emails are automated. You are offered, in the body of your emails, links to both cancel and reschedule your bookings, please use these links. Do not reply to our automated emails.

We have an easy to use mobile app for uncomplicated management of your bookings on the go.

If you are seeking direct communication with our companions, please sign up as a site member to enjoy our member chats.

Our companions are well reviewed, and authentic companions, please be patient, you are not their only suitor. You can offer our companions online donations and tips though the booking page.

Updated schedules are posted by our companions in the blog. You can also stay updated on other things going on in our community through our blog.

The girls have The Powder Room. This space is for our companions and members can be invited into private groups by our companions, for the most intimate conversations, picture and video exchanges. Secret kinky games are waiting to be played. Offer them donations and make some requests.

We have a short terms stays locator that also searches local experiences to help you plan your rendezvous.

We have an Events page to keep our community connected (for covid friendly events, of course).

If you are interested in becoming a bookable companion, please visit the membership page to get started. We are here to offer you companionship and community on your adventures as a professional companion. Hold on to your panties (or don't), its going to be quite the ride.

Thank you for choosing Alyssa Marie & Me and allowing us to be part of that adventure.

Love Always


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