Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an escort agency?

No, we are not an escort agency. We are a collective of independent companions in BC. We operate on a membership basis, so the companions listed on our site pay a monthly membership fee to maintain an online presence with Alyssa Marie & Me, while sharing many resources and expenses, such as advertising & incalls. As independent companions each of our listed companions also do their own communicating & booking, so please use the information provided to you to contact the providers. We do not book or monitor the comings and goings of the companions or their work ethics.

Are you an advertising platform?

In essence we are an online platform for Escorts to maintain space. To build a following and to ease into working independently with our online booking platform. Most of the escorts coming to our site are new to working independently and AMM guarantees their authenticity in a market that will immediately question their authenticity. All of the companions on our site have been verified in many ways, including referencing, cross referencing and id verification. Our escort blog is ranking in searches and is becoming BCs favorite place to monitor the comings and goings of local escorts. Our Booking platform act as a screening sytem for new independents while they master the art of screening as it works best for them. Our Groups are an OF alternative where escorts can create intimate space for there top 20% or create spoecial interest groups to find like minded friends.

Where is your incall located?

We have an available incall on Shawnigan Lake for our Feature Escorts to use if they wish. It is available from 9am-9pm daily. All other members may rent the suite by the day for $200/5 hours. 24 hours notice is required for booking. Our advertising escorts are independent companions that offer service at their own respective incall locations. If they do not have an incall of their own, they may be providing an outcall only service. Please contact the providers directly to enquire about incalls and availability. We are also working on incalls in Victoria (December) & Bowser (January/February).

Where are the escorts on this site located?

We currently have escort advertisers with home bases in Victoria, Cowichan, Nanaimo & Vancouver BC. We are always accepting applications to join our collective, from escorts throughout all of BC.

Why are there no phone numbers for the escorts?

Top escorts around the world all agree that providing a phone number for initial contact is an ineffective business practice. We agree. When a sex worker provides her phone number to the general public, she is exposing herself to an unacceptable amount of harassment and time wasting. Unfortunately not everyone out there is poilte and respectful with true intentions. It is a sad but true reality that there is a significant population of men that use sex workers for their own entertainment with no intention of actually booking an appointment. Amungst this signifiant population we also have an unacceptable amount of men that are looking to engage in demeaning conversation and willing to harass us as they find themselves bored or perhaps they are just abusive.....either way it is not something that sex workers need to expose themselves to. By providing an email for initial contact 90% of the abusers and wastes of time are essentailly eliminated. This is a business decision that not only protects sex workers and their mental health but it allows them to spend more time working on themselves, their advertising, their space and connecting with real & genuine potential clients or even connecting with each other and forming community.

Can I call your office to book an appointment?

We are assessing how viable it would be for us to inplement a traditional booking by phone system in our office. Please take a moment to answer a very quick questionnaire to help us. Take the market research questionnaire.

Why am I not getting a reply?

The best thing to do if you are not not getting a response is to check the providers requests for booking. If you have not met her expectations in terms of what she requires to make an informed decision, she may choose to ignore your request. If you, have sent multiple requests in a short period of time or have chosen to send "???" 5 mins after your initial request, you may be ignored for coming across as rude or impatient. Maybe your request has been accepted and you are now requesting her address or other details far before the required time. Our provider know you have a date, she will provide you with the details you need, when she's ready to. If you chose to be pushy, she may very well chose not to see you. There are many reason a provider may not honor a request for her time.

I dont have an email that I'm willing to use, what now?

We reccommend that all of our suitors create an email specifically for these types of endeavors. We DO NOT reccommend using personal or work emails to contact providers. It is simply not discreet and we dont want our information and private conversations to become privy to anyone other than each other, anymore than you do. It takes 10 miniutes out of your day to set yourself up an email that will be kept to yourself and unlikely to be checked by other persons. Please take the time to protect your own best interest and by doing so, our best interst as well. If you are unwilling to do this, thats a problem that you are creating for yourself and by making that choice you simply do not meet our expectations. We encourage you to carry on and call an agency.

Where are the escort menus? What do they offer?

Please do not contact our office to ask these questions. They are very personal questions that the companions will discuss themselves should they choose to. Some providers do not believe in a 'menu'. The service and attentions that you seek are as primal as they come, each connection is different. Though one client might bring out the PSE in provider; does not mean that they are providing that service to everyone. We prefer if you send a polite and well thought out message to the companion that has earned your attention. Tell her about yourself and what you seek in an appointment. While keeping in mind that there is a pretty clear line between telling us what you desire and writing us your own porn. Please keep it polite.